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dont know how long ive been afraid of butterflies or where it comes from but if 1 gets close to me it just makes me panic, i remember once i went into a room at a zoo that had butterflies fluttering around, i broke out in a sweat and had to get out. I think its the way they move that bothers me. I dont mind moths as much as butterflies .
- Paul -
They fly in the strangest way....like they can't control which direction they want to go. They give me creepy feeling down my spine. It starts at my neck and I twist my body and get a shiver just from a picture. Then when they fly...I feel like a hundred of them are just going to come down and fly all around me and attack.
- Raneesha -
when I was 7 i wore those butterfly hair clips, one day in the summer a large butterfly attached itself to my clip and wouldnt come off. Since then i have been afraid of butterflies , they just freak me out. My mom doesnt understand and says there beautiful why be scared...to me there hidious!!
- Ashley -
they scare the crap out of me! everyone always thinks im crazy when i tell them about my fear. i thought i was the only one untill i found this website.
- Lindsay -
I have an overwhelming and overpowering fear of butterflies. I used to say I was scared of moths, but I was in error; I was mistaking big black butterflies for moths. I have no problem with tiny moths or butterflies, but as soon as they are larger that the "common yellow butterflies" I freak out. I am fine with drawings and most pictures of butterflies, it's the real ones that gets to me. I can't even see a dead one without feeling the fear.
- Mariana -
I came across a book called 'The Object Stares Back' in which the author devotes a couple of his pages to the eyespots that adorn the wings of many moths and butterflies wings.These false eyes are used as their protective strategy;with a flap of the wings,a butterfly or moth can startle predators with these false eyes in order to frighten them away and this also scares some humans also.My fear is of butterflies in particular and the more i thought about it, I realised that the creatures with these eyespots freak me out much more than any other but I have to admit the sound of their wings flapping together contributes to the overall effect!!!
- Sally -
When I was five years old I had a fever and hallucinated that butterflies and moths were in my mouth and were eating me. I am absolutely terrified of them and thinking of them makes the hair on my arm stand on end. I have lived with this for twenty three years and it makes my life pretty tough as you run into them wherever you go! I hate them and they make me feel physically sick, they are not beautiful, they are disgusting to me and they always seem to fly towards me or swoop in front of me, I loathe them. I wish they could all be destroyed, I feel like they seek me out and they are the worst nightmare imaginable to me.
- Sally -
I don't know why I am so afraid of butterflies, i figure it must be some kind of subconscious fear that I have suppresed. I am not ambarrassed to admit my fear, I actually find the reaction I get from people amusing. I don't live my life running from butterflies but I do run when I see one. This is the same with birds. I cannot stand having a bird two feet from me, I find anything related to flying, scares me. Well thats it.
- Cynthia -
My first memory of a butterfly was watching one fly into my sisters mouth when she was yelling in the back yard. It began this irrational fear, so petrified that even seeing one in a picture sends a feeling of fear through my body. Although in reality I know one can not hurt me, I go into severe panic when one is near me.
- Paula -
I have a completely irrational fear of butterflies. when i see them i run away like a little baby and hide behind my girlfriend to protect me. this all came about by a silly experience i had as a child and have since blown out of proportion. how can i overcome this ridiculous fear i have?
- Derek -
I absolutely abhor butterflies. Sometimes, I feel like a freak, because no one except me feels this strongly against the particular species. I hate the way it flutters its wings, the way their wings are constantly flapping. When they get close, I suddenly shriek and hide behind my friends. I abhore them with all my being, and I don't ever want to grow out of this fear. They are disgusting abominations, and the Earth should be clear of their disease-filled bodies.
- Mari -
I hate butterflies so much! I dont like them because of their eyes and sometimes of their wings. I dont like their eyes becasue they are so big and GROSE! I hate butterflies so much and people dont know why but i just do....my cousin hates them too....but u said that it can be from movie? well i really havent seen any butterfly movies lateley!
- Autumn -
For me, there's just something wrong with both butterflies and moths. Butterfly's follow you around like, "Look at me! Take a picture, I'm so pretty!" and I'm like, "No freak, you're creepy." And moths love to come into my room. The other night I woke up and there was a big, two inch bown moth on my curtain. It was dark so I turned on the lights, but I didnt have my glasses on so I had to lean in Really close, and it flew at my face. The fly funny, moths make a wierd sound when they hit lights, and they just look wierd to me. My biggest fear is waking up in a room that is covered from wall to ceiling with butterflies and moths. I would probably have a heart attack, because I could never Ever kill one, so I would just be stuck in a room foverever... *shudders* But yeah, there you go. My irrational fear of butterflies and moths. I dont really know what brought it on. I mean, butterflies weren't my favorite critters growing up, but I'm sure I had tee shirts with them and all.I started noticing thier creepiness when I was about 14. I wasn't attacked by a giant butterfly of doom when I was 2 or anything. I just dont like them. They're creepy.
- Sandi -
I am so scared of butterflies that i can not even be near a dead one. I do not go outside if i can help it in the summer. they are attracted to me and flies at me and if i have a window open they come in the house. they always fly around me and in my face and try and land on me. this makes me feel sick and i could faint if it happened.
- Sarah -
My fear of butterflies started when I was around four years old. I was standing at my front door and there was a moth on the other side of the screen and somehow, I killed this moth and the dust from it's wings got on me and I freaked. Ever since then, I've been terrified of both moths and butterflies. Whenever I was a Junior in high school, my class went on a feild trip to The Butterfly House and I thought there weren't going to be actual live butterflies but as soon as I discovered how wrong I was, I freaked. The effect is almost crippling. My heart races, I get weak in the knees, and I scream. I'm sure I look like the biggest pansy but I can't help it. I avoid going outside in the summer and I especially avoid flower beds. I beleive it's purely the wings. I am not a fan of anything w/ wings really but butterflies and moths...the absolute worst!!
- Amber -
I LOATHE BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS!!!! I think it's because their wings...people do not understand that except one of my best friends. I want to get a tennis racket and smash them up into tiny little pieces! I read about this one guy who had a moth fly up his nose and shuddered. But now I am with my fellow people who despise these disgusting little creatures as much as I do. I am so happy people understand my hatred and fear of these winged spawns of Satan!
- Tear -
You know how people are scared of spiders? this is the same thing. saying that disqusting, exceptionally large flying insects that just happen to be colorful are "beautiful" is total bu**sh*t. PLEASE.
- Jayela -
omgshh, i HATE butterflies!! (and moths!) they are soo evil and creepy, and just ugly! jkfkjhgfds, everytime i see one, i start freking out and breathing hard, its soo weird
- Hannah -
I was over at my friend's house for a sleep over one night and she rented Exorcist: The Beginning. The entire time I was joking and poking fun at the movie until a scene came up with this man in a tent filled with frames. Inside the frames, were butterflies pinned to boards. Suddenly they came alive, flapping their wings and squirming around while still pined to the down. Then, to make it even worse, hoards of butterflies began spilling out of his mouth. Since then, I've never been the same around them. I'd always look away, stiffen or cringe. Butterflies scare me half to death.
- Emmanuelle -
For as long as i can remember, a black and white butterfly would 'visit' us everytime a family member passed away. It won't really bother us but just fly around the coffin for a couple of days. I won't say i'm especialy afraid of them, it's just the whole association of butterflies to the spirits of the dead and the supernatural kinda freaks me out.
- Cyren -
Since I can remember I have been afraid of butterflies.

I really think it started when this boy who i grew up with caught a butterfly and ripped it in half and threw it on me. I was about 3 or 4.

When i was about six I had a panic attack in the Callaway Garden's butterfly house.

I'm very afraid of them. When I see then in person I'll cry or lose control. I don't have any other fears.

- Lauren -
from far away butterflies are ok, but if it gets to close or touches me i freak the hell out! there bodies are grose and big there legs are so creepy, the wings are ok but it realy is the there darn nasy black ugly bodies that scare the hell out of me. if butteries didn't have wings i bet almost all people would be scared of them
- Michelle -