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Red -nimisen levyn tai biisin ovat julkaisseet mm. Air Liquide, Archive, James Asher, Autumn, Baroness, Black Uhuru, A Canorous Quintet, Communards, Elbow, Elton John, Sammy Hagar, Heaven 17,Jarboe, Journey, Espen Lind, King Crimson, Tara MacLean, Bette Midler, Mr. Red, Povi, Frank Sinatra, Sister Soleil, Treble Charger, XTC, The Young Dubliners<

The Red (Chevelle)


99 Red Balloons (7 Seconds, Goldfinger, Nena, Teen Idols)


Act Vi Red Script (Sadness) Adrift In Scarlet Twilight (Cemetary) Akai Tsuki (Psydoll) Ames De Marbre, Act VI - Red Script (Sadness) Amidst Crimson Stars (Ancient Ceremony) Apparent The Red Angus (Guided By Voices) Arbol Rojo (Gazpacho)Artificial Red (Mad Season) Ashtray Red (Pushmonkey) Auto Rojo (Nine Days, Vilma Palma E Vampiros)


Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes (Elton John) Balladi punaisista bareteista (Ismo Sajakorpi and Kivikasvot) Les Ballons Rouges (Serge Lama) La Banda Del Carro Rojo (Los Tigres Del Norte) Barn Rojo (Baron Rojo) Baton Rouge (Lou Reed) Beautiful Red Dress (Laurie Anderson) Besprinkled In Scarlet Horror (Tourniquet) Beyond The Crimson Horizon (Solitude Aeturnus) Big Red (Frank Black) Big Red Indian (Westworld) Big Red Machine (WWF) Blood Red (The Call, Slayer) Blood Red Bird (Smog) Blood Red Cherry (Jann Arden) Blood Red River (Beth Orton) Blood Red Roses (Lloyd, Mimi & Richard Farina) Blood Red Sandman (Lordi) Blood Red Skies (Judas Priest) Blood Red Sky (Lefay) Blood Red Summer (Coheed And Cambria) Blood Red Tears (Olive) Blood Red Wine (Rolling Stones) Blood Runs Red (Mindfunk) Bloodred Moon, Satan (Nighthatred) A Bloodred Path (Gates of Ishtar) Bloody, Red Eyes (A Global Threat) Bloody Red Rose (Lonewolf) Bloody Red Roses (Running Wild, Uriah Heep) Bottle Of Red Wine (Cream & Eric Clapton) Brick is Red (Pixies) Bride of the Crimson Sea (Eternal Tears of Sorrow) Bright Red (Laurie Anderson) Bright Red Carpet (All Star United) Buildings Began To Strech Wide Across The Sky, And The Air Filled With A Reddish Glow (Red Sparowes) A Bunch of red Roses (The Dubliners) Burgundy (Circulation, Coal Chamber) The Burning Red (Machine Head) Bury Me (The Scarlet Path) (Stutterfly)


Cadillac Red (The Judds) Callin' Baton Rouge (Garth Brooks) Candy Apple Red (Bill Anderson) Carving A Crimson Career (Brimstone) Cerice (Circulation) Cherry Colored Benz (Andre Nickatina) Cherry-Coloured Funk (Cocteau Twins) Cherry Lips (Garbage) Cherry Red (Bee Gees, ZZ Top) Cherry Red Wine (Jonny Lang) Chiffon Rouge (Michel Fugain) Chrome Red Overdose (Canaan) Cielo Rojo (Alejandro Fernandez, Vicente Fernandez, Luis Miguel) Cielo Rosso (Jimmy Fontana) Close... As Red in Blood (Ashmolean) The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code (Napalm Death) Code Red (The Business, The Casket Lottery, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Willie Smith, Sodom) Condition Red (Naked Earth) Contact In Red Square (Blondie) Corazones Rojos (La Pozze Latina, Los Prisioneros) The Court of The Crimson King (King Crimson) Crimson (Circulation, Code Red, Edge Of Sanity, Akina Nakamori) The Crimson (Atreyu) Crimson And Clover (Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, Tommy James & The Shondells) Crimson Cosmos (Lake of Tears) Crimson Crescent (Thirdmoon) Crimson Dawn (Calibretto 13) Crimson Dreams (Impulse Manslaughter) The Crimson Fails Forever (Age Of Ruin) Crimson For Downy Flake (Eager) Crimson Ghost (Mistfits) Crimson Horizons And Ashen Stars (Abigor) Crimson Idol (WASP) Crimson Might (and Glory!) (Epoch Of Unlight) Crimson Moon (T Rex) Crimson Rain (Einherjer) A Crimson Shade (Ashes You Leave) A Crimson Sky (Code Red) Crimson Snow (Godgory) Crimson Tears (Katatonia, Cassie Steele) Crimson Towers (Dissection) Crimson Wave (Amorphis) Crimson Winds (Dark Tranquillity) Crossing the Red Sea (The Adverts)


Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (M83) Dead Red (Cemetary) Dead Red Eyes (Archers of Loaf) Deep Red (Apoptygma Berzerk) Deep Space Red Shift (Pink Mantis) A Delicate Tracery Of Red (Avernus) Det Röde Silkebånd Diavolo Rosso (Paolo Conte) Didnt Bleed Red (Terrorvision) Dissolution Factor Red (Dark Tranquility) Domingo Rojo (Silvio Rodriguez) Don't Stop Living in the Red (W.K. Andrew) A Dream In Infra Red (Queensryche) A Dream of Scarlet Nights (Siebenburgen) Dreaming In Red (The Calling) Dreaming of My Scarlet Woman (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio)


Everythings Red (Sara Hickman)


Factor Red (Epidemic) Flaming Red (Echo & The Bunnymen, Patty Griffin) Forever Scarlet Passion (Celestial Season)


Gallo Rojo (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) Ginger Red (Saragossa Band) Ginza Red Oui Oui (Pizzicato Five) Girl in Red (Daddy DJ)


H8 Red (Anthrax) Hall Of The Scarlets (Macbeth) Der Himmel war Rot (Stephan Runge) Hyvästi Punainen kaarti (KOM-teatteri)


I Saw Red (Transister) I'm Painting The Town Red (Billie Holiday) Ida Red (Ed Haley) The Image of Red Cut in Half (Pigface) In Crimson Dreams (Blood Divine) In The Red (A Global Threat) Infra-red (Placebo) Infrared (Arab Strap) Isabella Red (At Dawn They Sleep) I See Red (Clannad, Ghoti Hook, X) Is Red Hot (Robert Gordon)


Ja puud on punased (Jääboiler) Juon punaista viiniä (Veltto Virtanen)


Kapitel I. Szenischer Monolog / Das Rote Gold Des Kerzenwachses (Angizia) Karmiini Juhlasali (Viikate) Kind Of Red (Happy-Go-Lucky) King In Crimson (Bruce Dickinson)Kiss Me Red (Cheap Trick, Electric Light Orchestra) A Kissed Out Red Floatboat (Cocteau Twins)


Lady In Red (Chris DeBurgh) Lady With The Red Dress (Snow) Lago Rosso (Adriano Celentano) Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta (Eila Pienimäki) Le vie en rouge (Enrico Ruggeri) The Life Is The Red Wagon (Jane Siberry) Lil Red (Bikini Kill) The Little Girl with the Red Balloon (Mark Pinkus) Little Red And Carril Ann (Cosmo Jones Beat Machine) Little Red Corvette (Nylons, Prince) Little Red Light (Fountains of Wayne) Little Red Lights (Todd Rundgren) Little Red Record (Matching Mole) Little Red Rodeo (Raye Collin) Little Red Rooster (Grateful Dead, Jesus and Mary Chain, Howlin' Wolf, Rolling Stones) Living In The Red (Leonardo's Bride) Lollo Rosso (The High Llamas) Love Is Red (David Poe)


Maroon (Barenaked Ladies, Webb Brothers) Marooned (Sodom) Mask of the Red Death (Samael)Masque of the Red Death (Manilla Road) Miljon Helepunast Roosi (Üllar Jörberg) Min Röda Dag Morning Crimson (Catamenia) Moulin Rouge (Tim Buckley) Murder In The Red Barn (Tom Waits) My Eyes See Red (Sacrifice) My Little Red Book (Burt Bacharach, Love) My Red Joystick (Lou Reed) My Red, Red Moon (Nightfall)


Nectarous Red (Keep of Kalessins) Not The Red Baron (Tori Amos) No Red Indian (British Sea Power)


Of Scarlet Skies Made (Throes Of Dawn) Ojitos rojos (Estapa) Ojo Rojo (Fu Manchu) Ojos Rojos (Fito Pez) Ol' Red (Blake Shelton) Old Red (Chris LeDoux, Marty Robbins) Old Red Eyes Is Back (The Beautiful South) Olhos Vermelhos (Capital Inicial) On voit rouge (M'Panada) Once In A Red Moon (Secret Garden) One for the Red Sky (Serenity) One Red Rose (John Prine) Open up the Red Box (Simply Red) Ordo Ab Chao - The Scarlet Communion (Anorexia Nervosa) Orpheus In Red Velvet (Marc Almond) Out Of The Red (Goo Goo Dolls)


Paint It Red (Mighty Diamond, Vaux) Paint Red Rattles on Old Rollie (joululaulu) Paint The Town Red (Nuno Bettencourt) Painted Red (Crossbreed) Painting It Red (Beautiful South) Panama Red (New Riders of The Purple Sage) Pavillon Rouge (Indochine) Pesce Rosso Con Dedica (Cesare Cremonini) La Peste Rouge (10 Petits Indiens) Petit Camion Rouge (Noir Silence) Le Petit Praton Rouge (Pit Et Rik)Petteri Punakuono Pieni punainen kitara (Kari Peitsamo) Pieni punainen mökki (Hanne, Matti Jurva, Brita Koivunen, Teijo Joutsela and Humppa-Veikot) Poison Red Berries (Bill Anderson) Pretty In Scarlet (Guano Apes) Preussinpunaiseen (Yölintu) Profondo Rosso (Aardvarks) Punab Pihlakaid (Evald Raidma)


Punahilkka (Kalle Ahola, Kauko Käyhkö, Kari Peitsamo) Punahilkka ilman sutta (Pasi Hiihtola) Punahiuksinen tyttösein (Erkki Kanto) Punahuulinen (Erone) Punainen + (Dave Lindholm) Punainen anglia (Heidi Kyrö) Punainen aurinko (Susi-Artturi) Punainen auto (Paukku Pete, Vesa Kietäväinen) Punainen graniitti (Tommi Läntinen) Punainen hame (Se) Punainen harmonikka (Martti Manner) Punainen hattu (Anna Hanski) Punainen huivi (Ilkka Lähteenmäki) Punainen ilmapallo (Meritähden Paatti) Punainen kirje (Hoikka Lasse) Punainen kitara (Heidi Kyrö) Punainen komentaja (CMX) Punainen kukko (Kapteeni Nemo, Mokoma) Punainen kuu (Jukebox, Jukka Kuoppamäki, Sonja Lumme, Kiti Neuvonen, Teuvo Oinas, Anja Piipponen, Rexi) Punainen lanka (Bassn Helen, Kati, Livingstone) Punainen lumi (Juustopäät) Punainen maa punainen kuu (Lea Laven) Punainen matto (Kumma heppu ja lopunajan voidellut) Punainen meri (Via) Punainen mökki (Ville Teräs) Punainen neilikka (Eila Pellinen) Punainen Nro.6 (CMX) Punainen pipo (Terapia) Punainen planeetta (Pelle Miljoona & The Farangs, Tuomari Nurmio) Punainen polkuauto (Urpo Leppänen) Punainen polkupyörä (Jari Loisa) Punainen puistonpenkki (Eija Sinikka) Punainen ruusu (Edwin Heimovalta) Punainen ruusukimppu (Väinö Korsu) Punainen salama (Musta Paraati) Punainen sarafaani (venäläinen kansanlaulu) Punainen sateenvarjo (Ritva Mustonen) Punainen silkkinauha (Barbara Helsingius) Punainen suu (Kauko Röyhkä) Punainen taivas (Hyväri-Set, Viktor Klimenko, Jari Sillanpää, Reijo Taipale, Viides Piiri) Punainen tanssi (GNU) Punainen tiili (Avain) Punainen vaara (Cadgers, Riistetyt) Punainen vespa (Laura) Punaisella parvekkeella (Mari Rantasila) Punaisen Paronin paluu (Kontra) Punaisen vangin laulu (Agit-Prop, Arja Saijonmaa) Punaiset (Jukka Perko And Hurmio-Orkesteri) Punaiset kengät (N:o 2) (Se.) Punaiset lehdet (A Aimo) Punaiset on silmät (Turo's Hevi G) Punaiset purjeet (Eino Grön) Punaista (Illi) Punaista ja makeaa (Popeda) Punajuuren värinen ompelukone (Klamydia) Punakaartilaisen hauta (Taisto Lundberg) Punakenkäinen tyttö (Ässät) Punakukat (Mauno Kuusisto) Punakylkiset omenat (Carl Ara) Punaliivi (Erik Kivi) Punalippu (Ajan laulu, Reijo Frank, Jouni Kesti) Punane Kuu (Origami galaktia) Punane Madu (Koerapööriöö) Punane veski (Lindpriid 4) Punapaita mustalainen (Tapani Perttu & Jari Lappalainen) Punapaula (Friiaripoijat) Punaposki (Ahti Lampi) Punapukuinen nainen (Georg Malmsten) Punapäiset tytöt (Meri Nenonen) Punapää (Rokote) Punaruusu (Parlophon orkesteri, Reijo Kallio) Punaruusut (Jokiset, Pasi Kaunisto) Punaruusut punahuulet punaviini (Olavi Virta) Punasaappaat (Anitta Kettunen) Punasarafaani (John M. Eriksen, Kaarlo Kytö) Punased nelgid (Lindpriid) Punasel lambil on ükskõik (Myrakaru) Punasiipi (Veli-Matti Järvenpää) Punasuu (Kelpo Pojat) Punatukka (Petri Salminen, Pentti Viherluoto) Punatukkainen (Jukka Kuoppamäki, Aki Sirkesalo) Punatukkainen enkeli (Teppo Nuorva) Punatukkainen poika (Timo Ylinen) Punatukkainen tyttö (Pentti Hietanen, Dimitri Isberg, Olavi Virta, Timo Turpeinen) Punatukkaiselle tytölleni (Olavi Virta) Punatut huulet (Salmi, Arvi Tikkala) Punatyttö (Johnny Wigren) Punaunikko (Aila) Punavangin laulu (Agit Prop, Punainen Lanka, Hannes Saari, Arja Saijonmaa) Punaviesti (Kari Rydman) Put on Your Red Dress (Martin Page)


Ralph Crimson (Bluegrass 2001) The Red (Chevelle)


1,2,3, Red Light (1910 Fruitgum Company) 99 Red Balloons (Goldfinger + Nena) Red = Luck (Patty Larkin)


Red Alert (Basement Jaxx, The Briggs, Saxon) Red Ambition (Faith Assembly) Red Angel Dragnet (The Clash) Red Apple Falls (Smog) Red Apple Rag (Ed Haley) Red Apples (Cat Power, Smog) Red Asphalt (Theatre of Ice)


Red Badge of Courage (Stephen Crane) Red balloon (Judy Garland, Tim Hardin) Red Bandana (Randy Newman) Red Barchetta (Rush) Red Baron (Tom Sawyer) Red Beans And Rice (South Park Mexican, Spearhead) Red Bedroom (The Fever) Red Berry Joy Town (Wonder Stuff) Red Bird (Addicts) Red Blanket Room (Circle Jerks) Red Blister (Fabulous Disaster) Red Blooded Woman (Kylie Minogue) Red Bomb (Whiplash) Redboots And The Helmet (Guided By Voices) Redbull (Wu-Tang Clan feat. Redman)


Red Cadillac (Peer Günt) Red Carpet (Red House Painters) Red Carpet Sindrome (Bolt Upright) Red Carpet Treatment (Blue Cock) Red Cedar Medicine (Beaver Chief) Red Ceiling (Armsbendback) Red Chair Fade Away (Bee Gees) Red Chevy (Peer Günt) Red Christmas (Insane Clown Posse, Pratt Dave and the Sex Machine Band) Red Clay (Freddie Hubbard, Que' Bo Gold) Red Clay Harvest (Cravin' Melon) Red Clay Of Georgia (Mayflower) The Red Clock (Birthday Party) Red Cloud (Angry Salad) Red Colour Of Love (Rosy Dream) Red Curb Remixes (Rei Harakami)


Red Dance (Dead Allison) Red Dawn (Killarmy) Redder Now (Lexxus) Red Dirt Girl (Emmylou Harris) Red Dirt Road (Brooks & Dunn) Red Dog (Goodie Mob) Red Dot (Pearl Jam) Red Dragon (Swollen Members) Red Dragon Tattoo (Fountains of Wayne) Red Dress (Blackie & the Rodeo Kings) Red Dust (Zero 7) Red Dust & Spanish Lace (Acoustic Alchemy) Red Dust Rising (The Dexateens)


Red Elephant (Sunny Day Real Estate) Red...[em] (Dir en grey) Red Eye (Devo, Green Green) Red Eye Flight (Candiria) Red Eyes (Throwing Muses) Red Eyes And Tears (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)


Red Firecracker (Jayhawks) Red Five Standing By (Freak-Ed) Red Flag (Billy Talent) The Red Flag (Billy Bragg; Britannian työväenliikkeen laulu) Red Football (Sinead O'Connor)


Red Gas Circle (Guided By Voices) Red Giant (Hey Colossus, Manhattan Heroes) Red Gold And Blues (John Kpiaye) Red Guitar (David Sylvian)


Red Handed (Shadow Project) Red Harvest (Altar) Red Head vs. the Pretty Red Bracelet (Bayside) Red Head Woman (Slippers) Red Headed Lady (Kenny) Red Headed Stepchild (Golden Smog) Red Headed Stranger (Willie Nelson) Red Headed Woman (Bruce Springsteen, Tortilla Flat) Red Heaven (Akaten, Throwing Muses) Red High Heels (Jane Siberry) Red Hill Mining Town (Dream Theater, U2) Red Hooded Sweatshirt (Adam Sandler) Red Horse Rainbow (Clutch) Red Hot (Debbie Gibson, Hearthill, Mötley Crue) Red Hot Dancing Fever (Jones Bros) Red Hot Gal (Keystone Cops) Red Hot Halos (Guided By Voices) Red, Hot & Heavy (Pretty Maids) Red Hot Jam (Fleetwood Mac) Red Hot Love (Francine) Red Hot Mama (Widespread Panic) Red Hot Moon (Rancid) Red Hot Rhythm & Blues (Diana Ross) Red Hot Salsa (Dave Sheriff) Red Hot Screaming Love (Dolly Parton) Red House (Aerosmith, Blue Cheer, The Casket Lottery, Great White, Jimi Hendrix, Hurriganes, Scratch)


The Red In The Sky Is Ours (At the Gates) Red Indian Girl (B*Witched) Red In The Sky Is Ours (At the Gates) Red Intro (Fugees) Red Is a Mean, Mean Colour (Steve Harley) Red Is A Slow Colour (Gathering)


Red Jewel (Tartaros)


Red Lady Too (George Harrison) Red Lane (Hunters and Collectors) Red Lenses (Rush) A Red Letter Day (Pet Shop Boys) Red Letter Day (China Crisis, The Get Up Kids, Ian Hunter) Red Letter Days (Wallflowers) Red Letters (DC Talk) Red Licorice (Act Fast) Red Light (Anvil, Cans, Deep Blue Something, Georgia Satellites, Jonny Lang, Stan Ridgway, Siouxie & The Banshees, U2) The Red Light (Green Velvet) Red Light Fever (Liz Phair, Venom) Red Light In My Eyes (Children Of Bodom) Red Light Indicates Doors Are Sealed (Arctic Monkeys) Red Light Lady (Nazareth) Red Light Special (TLC) Red Light Telephone Conversation (Electric Blue Peggy Sue And The Revolutionions From Mars) Red Light Visions (Cypress Hill) Red Lights (Uriah Heep) Red Line (The Broadways) Red Liqiud Flower (Perkele) Redline (Glenn Hughes)


Red Magic Marker (Amanda Marshall) Red Meat Attraction (Leather Strip) Red Mecca (Cabaret Voltaire) Red Medicine (Fugazi) Red, Meth & B (Cypress Hill feat. Redman) Red Money (David Bowie, Razor) Red Moon (Geoff Moore and the Distance) Red Moon Over Boston (Romanovsky and Phillips) Red Morning Light (Kings of Leon) Red Mosquito (Pearl Jam)


Red Neck Friend (Jackson Browne) Red Neck Hoe (Insane Clown Posse) Red Neck Neck 99 (Insane Clown Posse) Red Night (Blue Knights)


Red Octobus (Jefferson Starship) Red One (Belial) Red Oyster Cult (Guster)


Red Paint (Neneh Cherry) The Red Passage (Vader) The Red Plains (Bruce Hornsby And The Range) Red Planet (Pee Wee Russell) Red Prophet (Santana)


The Red Quartets (Jane Ira Bloom) Red Queen (Gryphon)


Red Rag Top (Tim McGraw) Red Rain (Peter Gabriel, Primal Fear, X-Perience) Red Raw and Sore (Pig) Red Red Rose (Emmylou Harris) Red, Red Wine (Neil Diamond) Red Roses For Me (Pogues) Red, Red Wine (UB40, Kimmy James & The Vagatsonds, Replacements) Red Reflections (Selecter) Red Ribbon (Juliets Wishing Well) Red Rider (The Residents) Red Right Hand (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) Red River (Alabama, Laika) Red River Rock (Johnny & Hurricanes) Red River Valley (Maucca) The Red Road (Bill Miller) Red Rocking Chair (Hasse Walli) Red Rolled And Seen (Finley Quaye) Red Room (Jude) Red Rose (Alphaville, Swans) The Red Rose And The Briar (John Wesley Harding) Red Rose Speedway (Paul McCartney) Red Roses (Reba McEntire) Red Roses For A Blue Lady   Red Roses For Me (The Pogues) Red Rubber Ball (Cyrkle, Seekers, Simon & Garfunkel) Red Rum (Esham, Popa Wu, Project Pat)


Red's Recovery (Artension) Red Sails (David Bowie, China Crisis, Lefty Jones Band) Red Sails In The Sunset (Perry Como, Lady Shave, Midnight Oil) Red Scab (Adam Ant) Red Sea (Mad Juana, Warhorse) Red Sector A (Rush) Red Sector A Speeds up Alio Die (Son-Dha) Red Shift... (Asgaroth) Red Shoes (Throwing Muses) The Red Shoes (Kate Bush, Chris Rea, Dave Samuels) Red Shoes By The Drugstore (Tom Waits) Red Shutters (Kari Fall) Reds In My Bed (10cc) Red Skies (The Fixx, Inchtabokatables) Red Sky (Gary Numan, Status Quo) Red Sky At Night (Chaos UK) Red Sky Beat (Blue Chip Orchestra) Red Sky Red Heart (Bill Miller) Red Socks And The Smell Of Trees (Helloween) Red Star (Full Speed Ahead) Red.Star.Line (Red.Star.Line) Red State (Poikkeustila) The Red Strokes (Garth Brooks) The Red Summer Sun (Third Eye Blind) Red Sun (Neil Young) Red Sweater (The Aquabats)


Red Tape (Circle Jerks, Deep Insight, Nits) Red Tape Suckers (Nasum) Red Team (Front 242) The Red Telephone (Love, Rialto) The Red Thread (Arab Strap) Red Tide (Rush) Red Top (Steve Miller Band) Red Train (Cross-Tie Walkers) Red Truth (X1 XRay)


The Red Veil (Subarachnoid Space) Red Velvet (Gordon Lightfoot, Outkast) Red Velvet Corridor (Swans) Red Velvet Wound (Swans) Red View (Solefald) Red Vines (Aimee Mann) Red Vision (Pat Benatar) Red Voodoo (Sammy Hagar)


Red War (Probot) Red Water (Type O Negative) Red Web (Orange Goblin) Red Wedding (The Bled) Red Wigglers (Impetigo) The Red Wind (Charlie Haden) Red Wine and Whisky (Katrina & the Waves) Red Winter (Entwined)


Red (You Are In The Womb) (Vincent Clarke & Martyn Ware)


Red Zone (Labyrinth)
Redcap (Pitchblende) Redlight (Slackers) Redline (Saxon) Redneck Roses (Tracy Byrd) Rednecks (Randy Newman) Redwings (Guillemots)


Ressu ja Punainen Paroni (Kontra) Return in Bloodred (Powerwolf) Rev On The Red Line (Foreigner) Rhythm from a Red Car (Hardline) El Rio Rojo (Los Huracanes Del Norte) River Runs Red (Life Of Agony, Midnight Oil) Rojo Eterno (Lucybell) Rojo Receptor (Foam) Rojo Relativo (Tiziano Ferro) Roses Are Red (Aqua, Maribel, Fabares Shelley, Bonny Vinton) Roses of Red (Kelly Family) Roses R Red (N-Toon) Des roses rouges (La Grande Sophie) Rosso Relativo (Tiziano Ferro) Der Rote Diamant (Kastelruther Spatzen) Der Rote Flu (Haindling) Rote Rosen (Freddy Breck) Rote Rosen Im Garten (trad.) Rote Rosen Rote Lippen Roter Wien   Rote Zora (Heiter Bis Wolkig) Roter Minirock (Die ärzte) Roter Mohn Warum Welst Du Denn Schön   Rotes Haar (In Extremo) Rouge (10 Petits Indiens, Jean Jacques Goldman, Lou Reed) Rouge Baiser (Bernard Lavilliers) Ruby Horse (Wonder Stuff) Ruby Lane (Milla Jovovich) Ruby Red (Marc Almond, Heather Nova) Ruby Shoes (Jessica Andrews) Ruby Tuesday (Nazareth) Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Perry Como, John Denver) Running For The Red Light (Meat Loaf) Ruusu on punainen (Tauno Palo, Taisto Tammi) En röd liten stuga (Sven-Olof Sandgren) Röd Mustang (Jan Johansen)


Sad Old Red (Simply Red) The Saga Of Pepote Rouge (The Band) Savoure Le Rouge (Indochine) Saw Red (Sublime)
Scarlet (The Alarm, Circulation, Code Red, Dawn Of Dreams, Brooke Fraser, Jars Of Clay, Lush, Sick of Change, U2) Scarlett (Judybats) Scarlet and other stories (All About Eve) Scarlet And Sheba (Alice Cooper) Scarlet Arch (And Also The Trees) Scarlet Beautiful (Beloved) Scarlet Bedroom (Marc Almond) Scarlet Begonias (Grateful Dead, Sublime) Scarlet Dream (SIGH) The Scarlet Forsaken (Hecate Enthroned) The Scarlet Garden (My Dying Bride) Scarlet Heavens (Katatonia) Scarlet Inside (Clannad) Scarlet Leaves (Ataraxia) The Scarlet Letter (Jag Panzer) Scarlet Letter Part 2 (Halifax) Scarlet Man (Creepmime) Scarlet Nights (Prefab Sprout) Scarlet Paint And Gasoline (Glass Casket) Scarlet Pegonias (Grateful Death, Sublime) Scarlet Pimpernel (Black Sabbath) Scarlet Pussy (Prince) Scarlet Ribbons (Cats, Sinead O'Connor, Perry Como, Fluoride, Roy Orbison, Cliff Richard, The Men They Couldn't Hang) Scarlet Ribbons (for Her Hair) (The Browns) Scarlet Room Of Passion (Divine Lust) Scarlet Rose (Edguy) Scarlet Scar (Shinku no kizuato) (Nanjo Koji) Scarlet Silhouettes (Withering Surface) A Scarlet Story (Tori Amos) Scarlet Tears (Seven Witches) The Scarlet Thing On You (Peter Murphy) A Scarlet Witch Lit the Season (Cradle of Filth) Scarlet Witching Dreams (Necromantia) Scarlet Woman (Current 93, Death SS)
Scharlachrot (Patent Ochsner) Der Scharlachrote Tod (Absurd) Scharlachrotes Kleid (Eisregen) Seein' Red (LiveonRelease, Unwritten Law) Seeing Red (Minor Threat) Serenata De Un Rojo Atardecer (Loserkids) La serviette fleurs rouges (La Grande Sophie) Shades of Scarlett Conquering (Joni Mitchell) Sieben Roten Rosen (Kastelruther Spatzen) Silhouette in Red (Bonnie Tyler) A Single Crimson Rose (Amie Comeaux) Sinister Rouge (Bad Religion) Sky Turned Red (Atrocity) Slow Red Dawn (Walkabouts) Something In Red (Lorrie Morgan) A Spark In The Crimson Eclipse (Night In Gales) Storming Through Red Clouds (Immortal) Suffer the Red Dream (Novembers Doom) Sunset Red And Pale Moonlight (Pam Tillis) Sur Le Bord De La Rivre Rouge (Mes Aieux) Sweet Scarlett (Cat Stevens)


Taking That Red-Eye Home (Suzy Bogguss) Talking Scarlet (Prefab Sprout) There's No Wine Like The Bloods Crimson (Aeternus) They're Red Hot (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Thin Red Line (Glass Tiger) The Thin Red Line (Saxon) This Red Feeling (Her Personal Pain) Thorns Of Crimson Death (Dissection) Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet (Eddy Arnold) Through the Red (At the Gates) Through The Scarlet Forever (Axamenta) Thy Sister Thee Crimson Wed (Siebenburgen) Tired And Red (Sodom) To Offer Thy Crimson Sacrament (Crimson Moon) Tomatenrote Lippen (Edina Pop) Traces Of Red (Darkside) Trail of Scarlet (Masque, The Mission UK) Tulipunaruusut (Aikamiehet, Eino Grön, Usko Kemppi, Tulipunaruusut) Tulipunased Roosid (Mati Nuude) Tummanpunainen (Eero ja Jussi and The Boys) Tummanpunainen pakettiauto (Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat) Tummanpunainen ruusu (Anneli Sari)


Under A Blood Red Sky (U2) Under the Red Sky (Bob Dylan) Under The Sign Of The Red Dragon (Opera IX) Untitled (The Color Red) (Pearl Jam) Utopia Running Scarlet (Dodheimsgard)


El Valle De Rafael El Mono Rojo (Inyectores) Verenpunaiset valheet (Kati Fors) Vermelho (Fafa De Belem) Vermilion (Continental Drifters, Matthew Good Band, Slipknot) The Vermillion Pencil (Nits) Vermilion Sands (Buggles) Vermillion Rush (Inkubus Sukkubus) Vestido Rojo (Calle Ciega, Viento En Contra)


When The Sun Burns Red (Kreator) The Woman in Red (Stevie Wonder)

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